Insulation can be expensive, but it is absolutely essential when considering your home plans and re-design. If your current insulation system is outdated, you could be losing money each month with escaping heat through your roof and walls.

A recent survey showed that heating and cooling actually account for 50%-70% of a home’s total energy costs per month and a poor insulated home can certainly impact the amount of money you are spending each month on energy bills.

Insulation helps to maintain the desired temperature in your home all year round by protecting the interiors against the cold in the winter and ensuring excess heat is not retained during the summer months.

Careful consideration should be taken around the insulation decisions for your home in order to save you money, whilst also creating a comfortable and energy efficient home for your family.

The Damp Problem

If your house has a quality roof and walls, but lacks basic insulation, then your house will not be fully protected from the weather and the ever-changing environmental elements. One of the main reasons for energy loss in buildings is due to moisture which is often retained within bricks and roofing materials. Tests have shown that even a low level of brick dampness such as 5%, can reduce the insulation performance by up to 50%.

The solution we use to limit dampness and protect and insulate your property from the element is “ProPerla Insulation”. There are different kinds of ProPerla insulation, all of which are a cost saving solution to your insulation problems. Keep reading to find out our solutions to your insulation needs.

Masonry Cream

Masonry Cream is a highly sophisticated, clear coating system which can be used on many surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete and sandstone. Masonry Cream penetrates 17mm into the surface it is applied to and provides a thin but effective invisible insulation barrier to the outside of your home.

Facade Coating

Facade Coating, is the latest technology for insulation products. This insulating coating consists of two coloured coats which can be used on a wide range of materials that you would want to have a coloured exterior coating. This product has a long lifetime expectancy of 25 years, so is a fantastic initial investment into your home.

Water Repellent

Our water repellant insulation system is a one-coat super hydrophobic clear coating
which can be used on all mineral substrates which includes absorbent roof tiles. Not only is this coating highly breathable, but it also extends the lifespan of your roof tiles by keeping them dry and providing a self cleaning surface which is hydrophobic from
any dirt and debris.

If you are looking for quality insulation, which will save you money in upfront costs and will limit your energy costs in the long run, then ProPERLA insulation is certainly something to consider for your property exteriors. Not only is this the best way to ensure you and your family stay comfortable throughout the year in terms of temperature and environment, it will also protect your home from the damaging effects of the environment. Call us for more information on how we can help you.

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