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Coastal & Country

We provide many services to our customers in order to improve the overall look of their properties, but one of our most popular services is ProPERLA wall insulation coating.

Our team of wall insulation experts, are on hand to assist you in any of your external wall insulation needs. If you are in Bournemouth, or the surrounding areas of Bournemouth and are looking to improve the exterior look of your home, give us a call.

What is Properla?

ProPERLA is a range of super hydrophobic coatings for your home which are designed to reduce your energy costs whilst protecting your home. ProPERLA coatings have been repeatedly tested by the UKAS testing laboratories to give you the peace of mind that your home is both being protected efficiently but also reduces the energy lost through heat escaping.

At Coastal and Country, we believe that in the future, all new buildings will be built with hydrophobic coating in order to prolong their life span and increase their energy efficiency from the get-go.

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How it works

What are the benefits of Properla?


ProPERLA is a super hydrophobic coating which water cannot stick to. The coated surface acts as a water repellent, meaning any water which may come into contact with the surface and water droplets run off of the surface as a result.


ProPERLA insulation is breathable, meaning that water and moisture are able to escape the masonry layer due to the high breathability of the products. Unlike many products which block the substrates natural ability to breath, ProPERLA insulation is breathable and allows the pores to breath through the thin film layer.

In bricks and other exterior surfaces, moisture is naturally drawn to the surface over time, ProPERLA allows these moisture molecules to pass through and exit into the air, this ensures that any damp problems are avoided.

Self Cleaning

ProPERLA insulation is also self-cleaning, as dirt is unable to stick to the masonry surface. This means that any surface covered in ProPERLA coating is repellant of any dirt and will stay cleaner for much longer than any non-coated surface.

Reduce Energy Bills

ProPERLA insulation can also reduce your energy bills if installed correctly. The ProPERLA coating reduces any water absorption by more than 93% meaning that there will be less heat loss through your exteriors.

Extensive tests have been conducted into the cost saving properties of ProPERLA and results have shown that a damp content of 5% in a brick wall can lower your homes insulation performance by up to 50%, meaning that your home is leaking heat.

Coating your brickwork in a ProPERLA insulating coating will drastically decrease water absorption and damp levels, meaning that your home is better insulated.

Certified and Independently Tested

European Certifications
ProPERLA also benefits from numerous European certfications which include:

EN ISO 15148:2002 Hygrothermal Performance
EN 15824 2oog Water absorption, Water vapour permeability tensile strength, thermal conductivity & long term durability.

Quality Standard passed
BS EN ISO 12572 Water Vapour Resistant

Tested & Certified
Independently tested by Lucideon To give you peace of mind.

What are the different types of Properla?

There are three different types of ProPerla coatings to choose from, all of which have different benefits to your property. Our team of qualified wall installation experts will be happy to assist you on which type is best for your external wall installation.

If you are in Bournemouth or the surrounding areas and are looking to improve the look and installation of your home, Coastal and Country ProPERLA is for you.

ProPERLA Masonry Crème

ProPerla Masonry Creme is a highly sophisticated clear coloured coating system which can be used on brick, stone, concrete and sandstone. ProPerla Masonry Creme product penetrates up to 17mm into the surface of your property and provides an invisible insulation barrier to your home.

ProPERLA Facade Coating

ProPERLA Facade coating is the latest on ProPERLA technology, with a two-coat coloured coating product which can be used on a range of substrates that require a coloured exterior wall coating. The ProPERLA Facade coating comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and a lifetime expectancy of 25 years.

If you have an exterior wall which also needs a coloured insulated coating in Bournemouth, the ProPERLA facade coating is for you.

ProPERLA Water Repellent

The ProPERLA Water Repellent option is a one-coat super hydrophobic advanced clear insulation coating for all mineral substrates, this includes absorbent roof tiles so can be used to insulate and protect your roof by acting as a water repellant.

With a manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years, you will ensure your home is fully protected and insulated for many years. Not only is ProPERLA Water Repellent highly breathable but it also extends the lifespan of your roof tiles by keeping them dry by repelling water.

The ProPERLA Water Repellant coating also is self-cleaning due to its superhydrophobic surface, meaning that it is much less likely to collect dirt and moss. The best way to protect your roof in Bournemouth.

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Before & After

At Coastal and Country, we have worked to insulate many houses in the Bournemouth area using the highest quality ProPERLA insulation techniques. ProPERLA paint can be used for wall insulation to roof repellant and has multiple benefits to your properties exteriors.

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Call us now to find out which ProPerla insulation is best for your home. One of our wall insulation experts would be very happy to give you a free quotation of your property.

Because there are three different types of ProPERLA insulation, ProPERLA masonry creme, ProPERLA water repellant and ProPERLA facade coating, our experts will evaluate your property exteriors as to which is best suited to your requirements and your home.

If you live in Bournemouth, choosing Coastal and Country to create a more insulated and weather protected home is the natural option.